Empowering people through fitness and nutritional awareness for a greater quality of life.

Sometimes on this journey we call life, all we need is for someone to point us in the right direction, motivate us, hold us accountable, and remind us of our awesome, sometimes forgotten strength and willpower.

"It's not that some people can change and some people can not, It's that some people are ready to change and some are not."

                             ARE YOU READY TO CHANGE?

Welcome to All Points Personal Training!

The Road To Fitness and Weight Loss

At first, the reality for most people wanting to loose weight is a pill, an infomercial promoting a machine that will give you six pack abs in a month, or a program geared to make you a fitness model in three months.

Most of you have tried these things and have equipment in your garage, basement, or spare room and you know it doesn't work. 

Some loose weight in the beginning only to gain it back. 
Some get injured, possibly with a life long effect.

Loosing weight is NOT a quick fix. 
It took you a LIFETIME to be at the weight, and consequently the HEALTH that you're in today. 

Weight loss and regaining your health requires not only time, but ALSO Overcoming many Self-Made Hurdles, Patterns, and Environmental Influences. 

At All Points Personal Training we know this all too well!


Experience is the Key

The owner, Tim Underwood, has helped thousands of people just like you since 1979.

Tim understands that each of us are unique, and so our needs are just as individual and unique as we are.

It is ONLY his years of experience, NOT his seven training certifications, that afford him the knowledge and understanding that no two people can train the same way, or that no two shoulder or back injuries are the same.

Each person requires a training program as unique as they are to get them where they want to be.

Tim puts his expertise to work on every client.

Training is not a competition.
It is a strengthening of Mind, Body, and Personal Spirit to overcome ones own self-made insanity.

(Definition of Insanity:  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the results to be different.)

If you think you can - You Can ... OR ... If you think you can't - You Can't

Tim will help you build your Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Mental Outlook so

Private Setting

All Points Personal Training offers the equipment variety of a large health club, but with a more personal approach.

We provide Hands-On Training at all times be it classes or One-On-One.
It's like having your own private gym complete with Trainer and all.

Our Classes are Fun and Educational.
Learning - Form, Technique, and the Exercises that are right for you.

By combining Cardio, Weight Machines, and Free Weights you get a Total Body Workout.

Let's Talk About Cost

In order to achieve the maximum results you're looking for you need to change your eating habits.

This will cover the cost of training.

For Example:

Each trip to a fast food restaurant averages $6 per meal.
If you only cut out three per week - You save $72 per month!

Each trip to a restaurant averages $12 per meal.
If you only cut out one per week - You save $96 per month!

That's a total savings of $168 per month!

Leaving the cost to Train only $1.50 per session!


Most of us spend our time doing for others and neglect ourselves.

Isn't it time to do something for YOU?

Our programs are individualized, tough, aggressive, structured, and results-oriented and so are you. Let us take you from good to great.

Our programs can help you achieve:
  • Muscle Toning & Strengthening
  • Renewed Confidence
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Increased energy
  • Faster Injury Recovery
  • Better Self-Esteem
  • Improved Coordination
  • Nutritional Encouragement
  • Greater Bone Density
  • Better Posture
  • Stress Reduction
  • Body Reshaping
  • Better Sports Performance
  • Reduced Blood Pressure
  • Cardio-Conditioning
  • Body Fat Reduction